As we get older we are more likely to suffer from presbyopia. This means we will probably need two pairs of glasses, one for distance and one for reading or close work. Like bifocals, varifocals offer you the freedom of having to use only one pair of spectacles for all your everyday activities. With bifocal lenses, although near and distant vision is clear, the area between is blurred and there is an unflattering line across your glasses. With varifocals you have sharp vision at all distances so you look and feel more natural.

There are three different designs of varifocal lenses available, hard designs, soft designs and firm designs.

Hard designs

Hard design lenses offer a large distance area, a narrow intermediate area, and wide reading area. These lenses are ideal for previous bifocal wearers.


Soft designs

These lenses provide a large intermediate zone whilst distance and reading are much more narrow. These lenses are ideal for VDU users.

Firm designs

These are the very latest varifocal lenses know as 5th generation progressives. They offer larger distance area intermediate zone and reading area. They are suitable for first time users and previous bifocal wearers.

Why choose Varilux®?

Varilux, the original varifocal lens, has over 100 million wearers, making it the most widely prescribed varifocal lens in the world. Varilux lenses have three main focal areas blended into one, so you get effortless sharp vision at every distance from near to far and in between.

Lenses to suit everyone

Within the Varilux range there are lenses to suit all needs and budgets

Varilux® Panamic™

The premium Varilux lens. Varilux Panamic represents the pinnacle of design in varifocal lenses. You will benefit from quick adaptation and wider fields of vision at every distance, than was ever before available with a varifocal lens.

Varilux® Comfort™

The reference. Varilux Comfort sets the benchmark for varifocals. Its market leading design gives you clear vision at all distances. Your eyes will focus quickly and easily, especially when you switch from near to distance vision.

Varilux® Expert™The best budget varifocal lens. Varilux Expert lenses give excellent value for money for their high quality performance.

Varilux® Specialist Status

We have been selected as Varilux Specialist Opticians because we are highly experienced in dispensing Varilux lenses. We can give you detailed advice on the full range of Varilux lenses and recommend the lens that's right for you.

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