NHS Advanced Services

NHS Advanced Services

The NHS at a local level commissions extra services that are not part of a routine eye examination and currently the services that can be provided in the community vary throughout Devon.

Intra-ocular pressure (IOP) referral refinement service
Please note: The services listed below are by referral only

Across Devon there is an IOP referral refinement service. This service is to refine eye pressures tests to ensure only appropriate patients are referred to hospital with certain eye conditions.

Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS)
This service provides urgent eye assessments for patients complaining of recent/sudden onset of specific minor eye conditions.

The service provides care closer to home, avoiding a trip to the hospital for patients who do not require emergency eye care but need to be seen by an accredited Eye Care Practitioner.

Please contact us to arrange a MECS appointment if you experience any of the following conditions –

* Red eye or eyelids with no reduced vision
* Dry or gritty, or itchy and uncomfortable eyes
* Mild eye pain (on a scale of 1-5): 1-3 getting better with painkillers
* Irritation and inflammation of the eye
* Superficial Foreign body in the eye
* Significant recent sticky discharge from the eye or watery eye
* Recent flashes or floaters less than 3 months with no loss of vision and / or no obstruction across vision
* Recent loss or distortion of vision more than 48 hours and less than 3 months with no pain

Post-Operative Cataract follow up
Please note: The services listed below are by referral only

Following uncomplicated Cataract surgery at either Derriford Hospital or at the Peninsula Treatment Centre in Plymouth patients are now regularly discharged into the community for their Post-Operative care.

There are slightly different systems operated by the two hospitals, but if your follow up is to be with us the Hospital will inform you of this after your operation, they will give you an information leaflet about the service and they will ask you to contact us to arrange an appointment with us for four to six weeks after your operation.